Most people that come to MagChat are invited by others here already. If you have stumbled upon us on your own we welcome you. Our service is completely free. If you have a group of your own and need your own room, we're happy to provide that as well. We treat people here like adults and we expect them to respond in kind.

Some History Behind MagChat

MagChat officially began September 24th, 2005. Earlier that year Yahoo had announced they were closing private chat rooms. Our investment group met in a private room on Yahoo and so we were forced to look for a new home. We considered a number of alternatives but all of them meant depending on some else who likewise could pull the plug on us again.

We decided to create our own chat program instead. We designed MagChat or MC, from a clean sheet of paper approach, incorporated features we wanted to see in a chat program. With MagChat the development team literally uses the program every day.


The program continues to evolve as we add new features and improve existing ones. We welcome input from users for new features or improvements they would like to see. Our goals are the same as our users. We simply want a great tool to chat with.

Recently in early 2018 we've been working Anti-Virus Vendors to whitelist our program. We've heard from some users that their anti-virus programs either blocked them from installing MagChat or gave an ominous warning that "This Could Be Malicious Software". Whitelisting by a vendor means they add MagChat to a list of known software and as a result take no actions against us. We expect to have this lengthy process completed by April 2018.

MagChat Development

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 MagChat Development

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