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How to install

1. Click the install MagChat Button

2. Save the file MC_Setup.exe to your PC

3. Click on MC_Setup.exe to run the install program

  *If running Win10 you will get a warning prompt like the one

   shown on the Blue image to the right. It says Don't Run but         if you click 'More Info' as shown, then another box will open         allowing you to click 'Run Anyway'

4. This opens the installation program and for most Users                 Default settings work perfectly

5. Some Anti-Virus programs may Block installation, warning          there may be 'malicious code that can harm your computer'

    We are working with the AV Vendors to prevent this but there      are still some we haven't reached. You can set MagChat as        an exception in your Anti-Virus (AV) or leave us a note below,      naming the AV Company name so that we can contact them        and clear this up. 

6. When the installation is complete, MagChat will open and ask      you for your Username & Password. These are saved by the      program and you won't ever need to enter them again

Win10 will offer only 'Don't Run' as option. Click 'More Info'

This Window opens, Click "Run Anyway" option

* Click to view screenshot 


Over 9,300 sound clips from TV, Movies. Sound clips are audio Emoticons. Sound clips are searchable using key words to make it simple to find the sound clip you wanted



Over 10,000 Images, Smileys & Emoticons. Combine an image with a sound to create a Combo. Search using key words to easily find the exact image you want 


We keep a log of every room's chat session and when you join a room we feed you a portion of that log so you can quickly see what is being discussed. You can also easily access the log for any day for any room so if you missed something or wish to re-visit a session, we make that as easy as a few clicks.


As with any chat room, you can interact with other users via text messages but we've taken that concept a step further. Most chat programs now offer limited visual emoticons or smileys to accent written text. 


We give you thousands of emoticons as well and over 8,000 total images that can easily be searched for using key word tags.


In addition we give you 8,000 plus sound clips taken from various sources such as television, movies and even politics you can often use to hilarious effect!


We employ a unique Whispers system that allows for private communications between two or more users. Whispers are not recorded in the day's log for obvious reasons.

MagChat Free Chat Free Rooms 

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